Felli is an international brand for premium cutlery range – Felli’s 18-10 & Felli’s 18-0. You can also find Felli’s cutlery set in its’ wide series of Momento, and Fabian packed in exclusively designed gift box. The name Felli is a combination of  “Fel” and “Li”. “Fel” is derived from the word “Felicity”, which means great happiness and splendid whereas “Li” is from Lily, a flower with the botanical name Lilium.  Lily symbolizes the pureness of heart. Hence, “felicity” and “lily” mean only pure hearts bring the greatest happiness to all. Felli intended to bring you the greatest happiness with our pure heart.

Felli is also the name of our founder, Feli Hoo.  “Felli” was registered as a trademark in 2003. Our products are trusted and recognized by local and international customers. We are engaged actively in supplying cutlery, knives, tableware, and hand-painted mugs.

Samaria Cutlery is our premium brand of kitchen knife range which consists of more than 20 different selection for your functional needs.

Samariacutlery is one of the well-known brands that supplies kitchen knife and cutlery in Malaysia. “Samaria” means joyful together in Malay language, it’s a combination word of “sama-sama” and “ria”. 

All of the kitchen knives are made of premium quality steel, the AISI 420. The high carbon stainless steel is specially heat treated to ensure perfection in sharpness, edge hardness, strength, and rust resistance. Our product range consists of an individual knife as well as kitchen knives set with stand in a beautifully designed gift box.

Apart from supplying the best quality products to you, we always wish to share the joy and pleasure of dining and preparing meals with you.

Fabian is a budget brand of a range of kitchen knives and cutlery.

This beautiful range of kitchen knives and cutlery presents an economical option for those that crave both quality and style. The product quality and functionality are guaranteed and monitored to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

We believe that everyone from all levels regardless of their financial condition or status deserves to enjoy the joy and pleasure of dining and preparing meals. Hence, Fabian made the best choice as a perfect gift to the loved ones as well as personal collection.

Snips – Made in Italy. Famous for its practical design and high quality of household products. These are great items from Samaria to you!

Our Snips range of products is kitchenware such as salad spinner, napkin holder, colander, cutlery holder, tea bag holder, and more. SNIPS projects small ideas and make the ideas into useful products in the kitchen. These are not simply plastic ware, they generate little surprise upon usage. Try it and see how unique they are designed.

We hope that these innovative, effective and unique products bring joy to you when you prepare your food in the kitchen.

Momento, series of Cutlery sets created under Felli’s brand. The premium ranges of cutlery sets are:

30 piece cutlery set which consists of 6 dinner knives, 6 dinner spoons, 6 dinner forks, 6 tea spoons and 6 cake forks. This is suitable for the dining of 6 persons.

28 piece cutlery set which consists of 6 dinner spoons, 6 dinner forks, 6 tea spoons, 6 cake forks and 4 serving spoons. This is suitable for the dining of 6 persons.

16 piece cutlery set which consists of 4 dinner spoons, 6 dinner forks, 6 tea spoons and 4 cake forks. This is suitable for the dining of 4 persons.

All cutleries are beautifully packed in a well-designed gift box. These most presentable boxes of cutlery are just ideal as gifts for friends and loved ones. We hope you treasure the moment of giving love and being loved. It’s the moment of life.

The highest range knife in our knife series. It is made of premium quality steel, the AISI 420. Ergonomically shaped, solid full bar POM or forged stainless steel handle fits the natural shape of our hands to ensure comfort and secured grip.  Extremely handy and comfortable even for extended period of usage.

Pro Edge, a Japanese knife series specially designed for those who enjoy food preparation. It is also a perfect gift for the loved ones. This range of knives is always the best choice of most chefs. The perfect functionality of these devices gives you the satisfaction upon usage. These devices are a must-have kitchen tool that makes you feel good and easy during your food preparation.

Qualitier – Enhance your Dining Ambiance

Qualitier provides extensive tableware collections with high quality of classic, trendy and contemporary design worldwide. These products are made of unique substances with high temperature oxidation firing technique enable a soft and elegant look.

While good food is essential, exclusive tableware is equally important to turn any ordinary meal into a feast that will impress your guest. Our most presentable supreme fine ceramic tableware bring embellishment to your dining table no matter in the hotel, restaurant or household. It certainly uplifts the dining ambiance that you always hope for.