Bank Transfer / Internet Banking (Online Banking Transfer or Direct Deposit)

  • Payment via Bank transfer, please transfer your payment to us by using your bank Internet Banking or ATM machine.
  • We accept MasterCard and Visa.
  • Our payment agent – ipay88
  • Details instructions on how to bank in to our banking account will be displayed once you have confirmed your order(s).
  • Payments must be made within 3 days after we have received your orders, otherwise your orders will be cancelled or considered void.

For customers who pay using Cash Deposit Machine (CDM), the balance of the amount will be returned to you with the order.



In normal circumstances it may take about 10 working days. (Weekends and public holidays are not included)

Step 1

Upon the confirmation of an order, the product will take approximately 3-7 working days to process to our warehouse. However, delay of the aforesaid period may occur on the following factor:

  1.      Out of stock- we will inform and consult customer whether to refund the amount paid or replace the item by purchasing other items.
  2.      Supplier needed few days to restock – we will let customer to decide whether to wait or to reclaim the paid amount.
  3.      Various items in a single order – If all the items are from different sources, it will take longer period. This is due to if one of the items in the order has problem, it will affect and slow down the whole order process.

Step 2

Upon completing step 1, we will repack all purchased items and deliver to our forwarding agent.  The forwarding agent in normal circumstances will take 1-2 working days to process the shipment.

Step 3

Once the forwarding agent provide us a confirmation on the shipment, the goods is duly shipped at the point of the said confirmation. It will normally take about 3-5 working days for the goods to reach your door steps.(West Malaysia). For East Malaysia it may delay for an extra 1-3 days.

Hence in the normal condition, the total period of the shipment will take about 10 working days.



For West Malaysia,we offer flat rate of RM15.00 for all our product shipping. We also offer free shipping if you purchase more than RM100.00 in one order. For East Malaysia, we charge RM25.00 per kg.